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Block ads that interrupt your browsing experience. Say goodbye to video ads, pop-ups, flashing banners and more. Blocking these annoyances means pages load faster.

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200 Mio

Ads total blocked

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Blocking rules

How does
extension work?

Rainbow Blocker, like all ad blockers, relies on filter rules to know what to block, hide, and allow to appear on the web pages you visit. Rainbow Blocker compares every HTTP request to the filter lists you're subscribed to and any custom filters you have added. If the URL of the request matches one of the filters, the request is blocked and the resource is not downloaded.

Rainbow Blocker reviews

Romeo Zavala

5 Feb 2022

Rainbow Blocker helps us browse without any ads,pop-up or banners and provide malware protection. Rainbow Blocker does help in eliminating ads from the website and most of the times it saves lot of time from those annoying pop up windows.

Eden Nelson

4 Jun 2022

The best adblock ever created! Makes your web surfing faster and safer. My favorite feature is that Rainbow Blocker can block not just intrusive ads on website but it can block even video ads which are really annoying.

Sasha Hess

1 Jun 2022

I use it to avoid ads, videos and the other annoying pop ups. My overall experince is so positive. I have just started to use adguard and it is working incredible, since i use it i have never seen any ad when i am using internet browser.

Make your favorite
browser ad-free!

Ad protection. Rainbow Blocker is capable of completely removing all ads from your browser. Youtube and other websites pre-roll ads, disturbing banners and other types of advertisements — everything will be blocked even before being uploaded to browser.